Are you just entering the school system with your first child?

Are you moving into Vernon from another community?

Are you looking for a different school experience for your child?

We are here to help answer any of your questions, give you a tour of our school, or get you started with your registration.

Simply call, email or drop by the school to pick up information that you need or book an appointment with our principal. We’ll discuss your child’s needs, assist you with the registration paperwork, and begin preparations to welcome your child to one of our classrooms.

Ready to Register?

Here is the documentation you need to make it so:

Please click on the above links and print off any or all of the forms that you require. Once the appropriate information has been filled in, please return your forms to the office.  We look forward to seeing you!

Not sure if St. James is the right school for your child? We welcome you to consider having your child come and spend time with us to “try our school on for size.” Arrangements can be made for a day or more. All you need to do is ask!