St. James School Council has a mandatory uniform policy for all students. The listed items must be purchased through the school. Please read the uniform information and requirements that are listed below.

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Uniform Supplier

All orders are to be placed through the school, which in turn will put bulk orders into our uniform supplier. The following uniform items must be purchased through the school: hoodies, long and short sleeved golf shirts, turtlenecks & mock turtlenecks, vests, cardigans, athletic uniform (gray t-shirt & navy shorts, sweatpants).

Uniform Selection

Selected uniform items for each of the grades are listed on the school uniform order form. Please refer to this form for item selections and ordering information.

Outerwear for all Grades

Each St. James student is required to have one item of crested outerwear. Parents and students may choose from the following items:

– Microfleece vest ( with logo)

– Knit Cardigan (with logo)

– Zip-Front Hooded Sweatshirt (with logo)

– Crewneck Sweatshirt (with logo)

– Pullover Knit Vest (with logo)

Outerwear items will not replace a coat or winter snow wear but may be worn on top of the uniform shirt for extra warmth in school or outside.

Athletic Uniform – Kindergarten to Grade 7

The St. James School Athletic uniform is mandatory for all students in Kindergarten to Grade 7. It is available for purchase through Advertising Works, our uniform supplier. The athletic uniform will consist of the following items:

– St. James grey t-shirt (with logo)

– St. James navy short (with logo)

– St. James navy sweatpants (with logo)

Students may choose to wear either the shorts OR sweatpants for gym classes.

Pants, Walking Shorts, Skirts, Skorts & Tunics

Pants, walking shorts, skirts, skorts & tunics can be purchased elsewhere. However, they must follow the following criteria:

– All items must be dark navy blue

– Pants must be a “dress” pant, that is nicely fitting, no cargo style pants with huge pockets (cords are permitted). Please note that leggings (on their own) and exercise/yoga pants are not considered appropriate as uniform items.

– Skirts length must be just above the knee

– Sweatpants are not permitted to be worn other than for physical education class & sporting events.

– Plain white blouses and dress shirts can also be purchased elsewhere. However, they must be plain crisp white in color with no logos or designs on them.

– All uniforms must be kept clean and in good repair

Summer Uniform

The athletic t-shirt and shorts will be accepted as summer uniform for all students during the months of May, June, September, and October. Because of hot weather, students may wear these uniform items during class times for these designated months. Parents may wish to purchase more than one set of the t-shirt & shorts for this purpose. (This does not include the athletic sweatpants, which may be worn during gym time only.)

Mass Dress

“Mass Dress” will be required for all students during school liturgies. This will include First Friday Masses, Ash Wednesday Mass, and any other school liturgies or special occasions. There may also be other times or events when Mass Dress will be required. Students will be informed of these times.

Mass Dress will include any uniform pieces designated for specific grades EXCEPT FOR any of the St. James Athletic uniform pieces (t-shirt, jersey shorts, and sweatpants). Athletic uniform items will not be allowed for Mass Dress at any time.

Uniform Infractions

We appreciate your support in helping us to successfully implement this school uniform policy. Parents of students who are not wearing the required uniform will be contacted and asked to provide proper uniform items for their child.

If you have further questions regarding the St. James School uniform requirements, please contact the school principal.


Please contact Jade Lafond 250.833.5233 or