Pastor: Father Peter Nguyen

Superintendent: Ms. Holly Paluck

Principal: Mr. Paul Rossetti

Secretaries: Ms. Mary Bowcock & Ms. Linda Ellinson

Custodian/Maintenance: Mr. Andrew Pfannschmidt

Custodian: Mrs. Kathy Clinaz

Kindergarten: Mrs. Shirley Thompson

Grade 1: Mrs. Heidi Routley

Grade 2: Mrs. Melanie Inzunza

Grade 3: Mrs. Lisa Johnson

Grade 4: Mrs. Angela Durfeld

Grade 5: Ms. Deborah Bouchard

Grade 6:  Ms. Marley Wournell (mornings) and Ms. Cliona Curran (afternoons)

Grade 7: Ms. Cliona Curran

Integration Support Teacher: Mrs. Amie Jamin

Learning Resource Teacher: Literacy:  Mrs. Margaret Flaherty-Specht

French Teacher & Teacher Librarian/Literacy: Mrs. Viviana Monaghan

Music Teachers: Mrs. Hannah Hamm and Mr. Paul Rossetti

Educational Assistant:  Mrs. Colleen Trepanier

Educational Assistant: Mrs. Carla Glessing

Educational Assistant: Ms. Jordi Boone

Educational Assistant: Mr. Matt Royal

Educational Assistant: Mrs. Brenda Anderson

Educational Assistant: Ms. Julia Strohschein

Librarian: Mrs. Anne Kelly

School Chef: Mr. JP Sheedy

School Chef’s Assistant: Ms. Roberte Horlacher

On Leave, but still with us: Mrs. Tara Moore, Mrs. Candace Bugera, and Mr. Andrew Foster.