About School Council

The Council has at least seven members. Three are elected each year for a two-year term. Three liaisons are appointed, one for the Okanagan Indian Band, one for Our Lady of the Valley Parish, and one for Sacred Heart Parish in Lumby. Meetings are open to the parents and interested parish members on designated dates throughout the school year.

School council works with the pastor and principal to carry out vital functions of the school. Responsibilities of council members include:

a) Collaborating with the administration and the parish to maintain and develop the school facility.

b) Collaborate with administration and staff to ensure resources are available to maintain and develop excellent religious education, academic and extracurricular programs.

c) Collaborate with the administration to ensure adequate staffing of the school.

d) Oversight and decision making regarding the financial needs of the school.

e) Public relations and promotion of the school.

The School Council operates under the authority of the Catholic Independent Schools of the Kamloops Diocese.

Please come out to our meetings to keep in touch with the happenings and future planning for our school.

How to Bring Questions, Comments or Concerns to School Council

If you would like to address school council or put something on the school council agenda, submissions can be dropped off to the school office or emailed to the principal at principalsjs@shaw.ca by the second Wednesday of the month.

All submissions must be in writing, with contact information included (name & phone number), to allow the council chair to review your issue with you before the meeting.

School Council Meetings (open to parents)

Last Monday of the month, 6:30pm

St. James School Library

(unless otherwise announced)

2018-2019 School Council members

Fr. Peter Nguyen, Pastor

Sherryl Skaalid, Chairperson

Stephanie Curtis, Vice-Chair/Secretary

Lacey Gregoire-Gabriel, OKIB Rep/Policies

Jeff Routley, Maintenance & Facility

Jenna Abbott, Finance

Paulette Langer, Faith Development

Deacon Paul Murphy, Faith Development

Dustin Griffin, Member at Large

Ralph Hounslow, Member at Large